My Child

Does hatred just go away?

My Child Lebensborn is a story driven nurture game - a dark tamagochi - letting you experience the fates of Children Born of War.

Take care of Karin or Klaus and help them cope with hatred in a post-war society.

Guide your little one through a harsh year in their life. Spend more time with your child and explore the little moments of calm in a hostile environment. One person, or a moment, can make all the difference.

Make new memories.
Spend more time with your child and watch the joy of everyday moments.

My Child Lebensborn is a story driven nurture game based on true events. Play as the adoptive parent of Karin or Klaus, and experience the struggles they go through along them.

Since 2018, over 1 million players became the parent of Karin and Klaus, experiencing how the kindness of even one person can make all the difference. Exploring topics of bullying, hatred and discrimination, a community around empathy and love was built. Our long-time fans, and the newcomers alike all shared the one request from the development team; more opportunities to spend time with their 6 year old child Karin/Klaus.

In My Child Lebensborn Remastered, we are providing more opportunities for you to create more memories with your child, even at the face of tragedy. Interact, play, forage, create and explore with your child - together with the updated graphics that shows you the beauty of a small Norwegian town.

More activities:

Spend more time with your child and enjoy a variety of
activities together as your little one grows.
- Try out more recipes
- Craft pine cone animals
- Skip stones at the lake
- Pick flowers in the forest
- Enjoy seasonal activities together
- And More!
Perhaps there is a new way of using the newspaper
clippings that you get in mail every now and then

Make new memories:

Your journal now holds more memories from the year you spend together with your child. Who can throw away the beautiful flowers you picked out together on a beautiful spring day? Decorate the rooms with your memories. Your journal will hold your struggles, as well as the happy moments.

Interact with your child:

Play and interact with your child more freely in this remastered version. Manage your time and resources while trying as many activities with your child as possible! Money is limited as always, but perhaps there are more reasons to not work overtime after all.

Improved Graphics:

Bringing My Child Lebensborn to 2023, tickle and pet your child to get heart warming reactions out of them! The beauty of Norwegian nature is now more apparent, and you have more things to do outdoors!

Explore the Real History:

My Child Lebensborn tells the real history of Lebensborn children. Learn about the tragic history in post-war Norway. The activities are only a small escape from the struggles your little one will go through. The main narrative of the game is not changed in the remastered version out of respect for the real life Lebensborn and their experiences. We hope these small pockets of happiness in the experience allows you to connect with your child at a deeper level, against the horrors of the past.

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